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Orlando, Fl. to Winter Haven, Fl with gas light on
When: December 17
About: Saturn 3dr Coupe
70 Miles AFTER Gas Light Came On
When: December 16
About: Ford Contour
Ran Out of Gas on Freeway-Gauge Showing 1/8th Tank
When: December 14
About: Audi A4
At zero km
When: December 5
About: Ford Fiesta
Driving on EMPTY
When: November 30
About: Mazda 3
When: November 24
About: Acura MDX
chevy is crap
When: November 8
About: Ford Taurus
54 miles/43°
When: November 4
About: Honda Accord
Electric Drive 2013
When: October 31
About: Mercedes-Benz Smart
2010 Ford Focus still going after 0 MTE
When: October 16
About: Ford Focus
wow a surprised highway commuter
When: October 12
About: Dodge Caliber
2009 Canadian Oddy owner
When: October 11
About: Honda Odyssey
My Baby
When: October 9
About: Chevrolet Malibu
Give a little
When: October 2
About: Isuzu Rodeo
When: September 23
About: Chevrolet Astro
When on E
When: September 3
About: Toyota Highlander
When: August 26
About: Pontiac Grand Am
2006 reg cab 2.7 base model 4x4
When: August 17
About: Toyota Tacoma
City - 82.2 till turn-off & 129.6 hwy
When: July 15
About: Saab 9-5
poor thing
When: July 2
About: Chrysler Sebring

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