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06 Corolla

September 6, 2013 about Toyota Corolla

Gas light came on. I drove modestly for 50 miles and filled up (topped off tank). My Corolla only took 11.5 gallons...WOW, that means that in theory I could drive another 70 miles!?! By the way, I have 185,000 miles on odometer.

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January 22, 2015 by Pablo

If you live or drive by a golf course, stop in and yell at the maeagnr and they will buy you a new one on site and have it replaced right there and then, o yeah make sure you tell them a golf ball hit it. and be very pistt.

September 27, 2015 by Dany

I'm not sure about CA but in KY we have a $ 0 deductible on wednshiild glass. So if you have comprehensive insurance on your car, it doesn't matter what deductible you have, it's still $ 0 for wednshiilds. Check with the auto glass repair companies and see if it is that way in California.

December 22, 2016 by Savion

Niektóre widziaÅ‚am i skomciaÅ‚am na żywo, reszty nie widziaÅ‚am albo nei pamiÄ™tam xD Na przykÅ‚ad ten pierwszy, fajnie wyglÄ…da po obróbce. I ogólnie lubiÄ™ rysowanie postaci z różnych uniwersów, majÄ…cych coÅ› tam ze sobÄ… wspólnego, na jednym obrazku :D Bardzo podobajÄ… mi siÄ™ te markerowe, chociaż ich niewiele i nie wiem, co chcesz od ganku. Tam jest krew na koeuÅinrzyk‚?Warto byÅ‚o czekać na tÄ™ notkÄ™ :3

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