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Chevy Wins Again
When: July 28
About: Chevrolet Astro
Stuck on the Highway again
When: July 27
About: GMC Terrain
Beware the 2014 Equinox Low Fuel Warning Light
When: July 10
About: Chevrolet Equinox
2000 mercury
When: July 5
About: Mercury Sable
When: June 15
About: Volkswagen Passat
How many miles left, once low fuel pops up?
When: May 31
About: Chevrolet HHR
Fuel light on
When: May 30
About: Buick LaCrosse
When: May 29
About: Jeep Grand Cherokee
When: May 2
About: Audi A4
When gas gauge reaches E there is 2 gallons left.
When: April 28
About: Toyota Camry
2007 LaCrosse
When: April 27
About: Buick LaCrosse
About 1000km before light
When: April 19
About: Peugeot 207
Out of gas
When: April 8
About: Dodge Avenger
Gas Light On!!
When: April 6
About: Toyota Echo
When: April 6
About: Jeep Compass
2016 - no warning of really out of gas
When: April 6
About: Toyota Prius
Toyota Highlander 2005
When: April 4
About: Toyota Highlander
2007 Nissan Altima
When: March 25
About: Nissan Altima
2007 Nissan Altima
When: March 25
About: Nissan Altima
When: March 24
About: BMW 3-Series

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