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Fondly Remembering My 2006 G6 Gtp

March 16 about Pontiac G6

I am one who loves talking about my G6 GTP. Not just being that it was 6speed “family sedan” or the fast sleeper it was! Pontiac rules! & It’s the funniest stories ever in my memory bank about testing the yellow tank light! My nephew & me loved that car just for those tests. Because we were loyal to specific stations or just a few laughs. Do you lift your but up off the seats just to help take the weight off the bottom of the car!!? You try to rock the car forwards? Then pray laugh thanking god you made it into town “forgot to mention we tested out of town trips EVERYTIME” as we coasted up to our favorite station pump! I believe the spirit of Chief Pontiac was with us! Because we NEVER got stranded or ran out of fuel!! Long LIVE Pontiac!!

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