Tank on EmptyTank on Empty

Miracle Miles

July 17 about Hyundai Santa Fe

I have a 2009 Santa Fe. The gas gauge quit working in 2016. I got an outrageous quote to fix it from the dealer, so I left it as is. So, my gas gauge always shows empty, which means the low fuel as well as the check engine light are always on. I am currently at about 170,000 miles. When other folks are with me in the car, they see that and ask, don't we need some gas? I always reply, naw, we can go at least another 300 miles like this. That usually brings up the Seinfeld episode story about Kramer and the car salesman. When I fill up, I always fill up all the way. Then I reset the trip meter to zero. I know by now I can go at least 340 miles before refilling and resetting. Of course, if that trip meter ever goes bad, hmmmm....

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