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2.5 Gallons Left On Empty

October 23, 2020 about Honda CR-V

I've done this several time now in my 2019 1.5T AWD CRV. The gauge will read empty and then I'm able to put in about 11.5ish gallons of gas at the pump. Manual tells me it's a 14 gallon tank which leaves 2.5 gallons in there after the dashboard officially tells you she's empty. I generally get around 28-30mpg so in a tank on empty scenario I expect to have around 60-70 miles left to find a station.

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June 30, 2021 by Tom

To add to your figures... the dash mileage indicator indicated that I was at 0 miles left in the tank. Using the "auto-shutoff" feature at the gas station I filled up my car and it took 12.6 gallons. I typically get 31 mpg

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