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2004 Awd

March 16, 2018 about Dodge Grand Caravan

I purchased my 2004 AWD grand caravan new 190,000 miles ago. I have always got approx 19 +-2 mpg and the fuel light comes on with about 3 gallons remaining. When i get a new car i always carry a gas can and run out of gas to calibrate my fuel gage. However, my caravan had a funny quirk that sometimes after fill up and driving away from the gas station the engine would stall. You would stop and it always restarted. Approx 1 1/2 years ago Chrysler notified me via a recall notice that this was a problem. I took my vehicle to the Chrysler dealer and they replaced the gas tank. It seems to have solved my stalling issue but now my tank residual after my MT light comes on is 5 gallons...which means i can travel near 100 miles on MT. The replacement tank is plastic so i was wondering if the wall thickness robbed volume but after testing it slightly smaller, approx 19 gallons vs 20 gal.

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June 6, 2018 by Robinson

Your post is a timely cotbritunion to the debate

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