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2005/ Gas Light/Fuel Pump! I Was Panicking!

December 10, 2018 about Dodge Caravan

i live in a overly crowded city (Chas.Sc) and i was stuck in traffic, a minute and a half or so after i left work my gas light came on, with traffic, and a 21 mile distance from home.... totally freaking me out, id guesstimate that i literally ran 25 ish miles (trying to include time idle at redlights x7) so ìf your destination or nearest avenue of help is 30 or so miles, just know. youre gonna make it..Caravan fo da win mothaaaafuckaaaa!!!

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September 10, 2019 by Chuck

Because there are so many people who will try to get every little thing they can out of a tank of fuel. The factory settings allow you to go to empty but still have enough fuel in tank not to burn up fuel pump. It may take a little while to go out but you are just causing damage to pump.

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