Tank on EmptyTank on Empty

2009 Canadian Oddy Owner

October 11, 2014 about Honda Odyssey

So that is roughly 82km. The reason why I came here is after the recall for fuel filter for my van, the tank bottom out and left me stranded. No warning lights, gauge still had a few notches left. I took photo called CAA (AAA)and they towed me to Honda. Before I had it dropped I told the driver to drive by a gas station and I will add $10 to see if needle moves. Boom the car started! Needle didn't move. I was empty!

Honda Buggered my Tank after recall. In the end all Honda did was top my tank to adjust or get the ball in gauge moving again. No happy with service and issues and pain cause by their recall they created.

Thank god for cell phones. My photos me and Tow truck and video attempts of me starting the van saved my the "$55" diagnostic fee from the tech. Use your phones other than tweeting people!

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