Tank on EmptyTank on Empty

3 Miles Past 0!

May 23, 2008 about BMW 3-Series

The low fuel indicator comes on at about 1/8 tank remaining. So I knew I had to gas up soon - but since I was late to pick up and deliver various kiddies to their appointments, I figured I could run the tank down to 2-3 miles remaining and fill up afterwards. It would be close, but do-able. But I misjudged the distance and my tank-o-meter was at 0 (I have never done this before and I know it's bad for the car!) when I left the parking lot to find a garage. I drove 3 miles, slowly, coasting down hills and staying in the slow lane (in case I did stall!)until I was able to gas up. It's good to know this, but the process of discovery was a miserable panic.

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