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60 Miles At Least

March 21, 2011 about Honda Odyssey

I recently drove our from St. Paul, MN to Wisconsin Dells, WI. The low fuel light went on when the GPS indicated another 60 miles to the Dells. I was pretty sure that I had enough fuel left to get there (seems like the light goes on when about 15 gallons have been used and the tank supposedly holds over 20 gallons). But since I decided to stop to feed hungry grand kids (still 20 miles from the Dells), I decided to fill up. Sure enough, having gone 40 miles with the low fuel light on, the tank only took 16 gallons. At 20 mpg, I could have gone another 80 miles before having to get out to walk for gas and maybe a new fuel pump.

The early point at which the light comes on always creates friction with my wife, as she gets REALLY nervous if I don't pull into the next station (luckily, she wasn't with men the on this particular trip), but more often that not, we could have easily made it to our destination without the fuel stop. Still, anything for my love (and my health).

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September 27, 2015 by Yamyli

I caught Cyclops at aroud five in the aonortefn and got an ejector air filled ride, including a VERY forceful yank off of the lift hill, and I can't wait to experience that insanity again next year, and BTW Cycolps is my new number one on my short list of coasters that I've ridden so far because of that insane ride.I still haven't ridden Hades yet because I'm scared of how rough the riide will be, and not the ride itself

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