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60 Miles With The Light On

June 18, 2015 about Vauxhall Corsa

Last weekend I got lost in rural Northumberland in our Vauxhall Corsa 1.4. The petrol light came on and I was worried I wouldn't be able to get to a petrol station, and would be stuck in the middle of nowhere with my phone battery rapidly depleting and no petrol!

I eventually managed to get back on the right road, and by now the orange light was flashing as the needle inexorably edged its way towards EMPTY. Where possible, for example when going downhill, I turned the engine off and coasted down.

Eventually I spotted a Shell garage and thankfully pulled in. A quick glance at the tripometer showed I'd done 60 miles since the petrol light came on.

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September 27, 2015 by Kazik

I don't get that there is a difference beeewtn using diesel or petrol. I've never notice a big difference other than noise. I own a Honda Fit. It is a small car so if you are in a wreck, you will be the smaller of the cars. But it has a high safety rating and all the right air bags and stabilizer bars, etc. It has enough power to scoot around but I find it does lack power to pass on the highway without going downhill. I have managed to get a few speeding tickets tho. What you don't have in power, you get in really good gas mileage. Mine is a 2007 and I now get 26/28 city and 38/40 highway. . .depending on how hard I hit the gas pedal. It is a nicely appointed car and frankly looks good both on the outside and the inside. I did get the sports model for the better radio, better wheels and wanted fog lights. The best thing about it is that you can fold the seats in so many different ways, you can get most anything in it. The other side of that I found out the hard way. You can't carry more than 800 pounds even though you have room for five people. You can't tow anything and you can't put anything on top to carry. That's limiting because I own rental property and the salesman lied to me. The seats are extremely comfortable. The good radio is ok. The sports model also adds. . .can't think of what you call them. . .but the pieces that fit on the bottom of the car both front and back to make it look sportier. While they make the car much more attractive, they also make the front of it very low. Be very careful. You will run into the concrete blocks in parking lots and screw up your bumper. It is also hard to judge the front of the car because it goes straight down. You just get used to it and don't park close. But for the money, I think you get one heck of a bargain compared to other cars I drove before I bought.

October 29, 2018 by Graham

I've got a 2013 Corsa 1.4SE. I regularly get well over 50 miles after the amber light comes on. Another light eventually comes on saying 'fill up now' at supposedly 15 miles remaining. :-) The countdown on mileage as against how much fuel is remaining seems to be pretty spot on. Never run out so far. I usually fill up not long after the first light comes on, by that times I've done around 425 miles from full. I don't hit much traffic though. Rural roads and an early start, do make for a quick journey....I do about 28k miles a year in all weather. Might be a 2013 model but mileage is over 126K now. Still running fine.

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