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75 Miles On Empty Light

November 29, 2011 about Honda Odyssey

So, we were driving in our 1998 Honda Odessey in the South Island of New Zealand.

I noticed that the car required to be filled up because we had at least another 5 hours of driving to get to our destination. The Picton Ferry Terminal.

Anyway, we missed the gas station then the EMPTY light went on. We reset the speedo to see how far we would travel on "E"

We did not realise that the next gas station was a further 121 kilometers or 75 miles on the EMPTY light.

I doubt we would risk that experience again with 2 preschoolers and 2 primary school aged children. Mind you as I write this the car is again on "E". However, the gas station is only half a minute away.

Some never learn:)

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December 9, 2011 by Caden

Boom shakalaka boom boom, problem solevd.

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