Tank on EmptyTank on Empty

99 4X4 3.9L Manual Dodge Dakota Sport

July 12, 2019 about Dodge Dakota

Light comes on at 1/8 of a tank. I do have a new computer programed 2019 and the old computer from 1999. I have a performance chip installed for my cold air intake and upgrades. Depending on what computer I have installed an 8th of fuel will get me 40-85 miles out of it. With a new computer I can get almost 400 miles from 11 gallons of 87 octane fuel. I'll do some more experimenting and update yall. I repeat I have a Dodge Dakota 1997 V6 3.9L 4x4 Sport Club Cab. Short bed. If I'm being hard on the gas in town I expect 15 mpg from her.

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July 12, 2019 by Joshua Frailey

I always carry an extra fuel can in my truck. Be prepared and you'll never be disappointed.

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