Tank on EmptyTank on Empty

A Come To Jesus Moment

December 15, 2007 about Dodge Dakota

We were driving a 2001 Dodge Dakota and pulling a 26 foot trailer in Canada. We were on our way from Alaska to the lower 48 when I noticed I was on empty. We were going through some road construction and I asked one of the workers where the next gas station was. He said take you pick - 45 miles either direction. My truck said we had 30 miles of gas left. I looked at my son who wasn't sure about this trip anyway and said this is a come to jesus moment. It was a joke. Fifty miles later we finally found a gas station. I had slowed my speed, coasted down the hills and when we finally found that station and filled up the attendant said you were on fumes! Yes! And there was a little restaurant there and we had some of the best food on our trip there.

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September 27, 2015 by Vlad

Dan:I liked the run away alarm linked from your link. Although I heard a bit on the radio awilhe ago about someone who was making an alarm clock that would jump off the table and do a random walk around the floor when you hit the snooze button.Just what I need, 4 cats and a dog chasing the alarm clock around my bedroom first thing in the morning.John

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