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A Good Reason To Keep Your Tank At Least 1/4 Full

June 14, 2014 about Ford Explorer

One day back in 2011, I was getting ready for grad school classes when I noticed my radio stopped working in my bedroom. I thought, It's old, maybe a capacitor failed. Then I noticed my fan wasn't on..uh oh. I didn't have time to check the circuit breakers at the house before school, so I left for campus planning to check them later. On the way to school I noticed traffic lights out in my neighborhood. I made it to campus only to have it be evacuated. It turned out that an accident at a high voltage substation in Arizona sent southern California into a major power outage. This meant no working gas pumps for at least a hundred miles. Luckily I had at least half a tank and was ok. I also carried a camping lantern in my explorer which served as a good light source after dark. The outage lasted a little over a day. After that experience I never let my gas tank get below a quarter tank. You never know when your supply of fuel might be disrupted.

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December 22, 2016 by Conyers

totally see why the experts say that. Heck, one of my closest friends swears by it.  I’m either doing it wrong or I just don’t have the right set up here in Grdenaa, because

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