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Austins Never Run Out Of Petrol

May 12, 2008 about MINI Cooper

This is supposed to be top secret information, but I guess I can print it here without much chance of too many people seeing it......I went on a breakfast run in my Austin last September, and all went very well...great day, great breakfast and so on, until I broke down...stopped running...about 2 miles from home. No problem, a tinker here and ther got her running again, and she ran for a whole mile before asking to be relieved at the side of the road...once again, a little breather, and she burst into life, and got me home. No problem, I started fiddling in the comfort of the garage, and finally figured out that I had an electrical problem. No sweat! Well, no matter what I changed, she still refused to start, and time went by and I got bored, and left her until January this year, when I finally decided to get her going, come what may. Didn't work, and at that point, cap in hand, I went to the local garage and requested their help.180 shekels later the mechanic and assistant were in my garage, going through the same procedure as I had...an hour later we were all stumped as she still refused to start.

At that point the mechanic gave me a strange look and said.."Are you sure you have petrol in this car?" OF COURSE, I replied, the gauge doesn't work, but I couldn't have run dry....Famous last words...I agreed to get a gallon of the pink stuff, just to humour him, poured it in, and....two cranks later, she burst in to life!! She now runs like a dream, provided I keep her topped up with the local super every 100 km!!

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