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Awesome Highway Mileage

June 29, 2008 about Chevrolet Impala

i own a 2005 Impala, i have to agree that city mileage sucks on this car but highway wise i average about 33 miles to the gallon, i bought this car when gas prices started rising in 2004-2005 to a little over 2 dollars a gallon, previously i owned a jeep grand cherokee which was a fabulous vehicle but not that gas is 4 dollars a gallon im glad i did

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July 2, 2008 by earthquake

You know all the fuss over gas milage is not nessecery. In 1972 I bought a brand new Datsun and it got 32 miles to the gallon in mixed traffic (town and x way) that's 36 years ago people if they could do it then they can do it now. I admit it wasent a fancy car but it got me to work and back it was comfortable and server me well and behind my back three kids were driveing it. The car just didn't have all the bells and whistels they do now, my advice to the auto builders is if you want to stay in buisness take the fancies off make a basic car and get back to the 32 mpg again. Had a friend with the exact car as I did , he came from California, he got 33 miles but admited drafting behind the big trucks...After years of service the motor started burning oil. I didn't know about the kids driveing while I slept. I rebuilt the engine by lifting the motor out by hand and rebuilding it on the picnic table. Now is all the fancies worth it......

March 29, 2014 by Darold

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September 27, 2015 by ForzamipiaceilDeborailenia

Congrats on the purchase. Your plans are excalty what I hoped someone would do with the car, I know I didn't have the focus or skill to bring this piece of history back to life and was certainly hoping it wouldn't wind up with a quick coat of paint in somebody's car collection somewere. Thanks also for being willing to share the rebirth of it in an ongoing blog, I will be watching with interest in what you discover along the way.Best of luck to you, Jay

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