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Beware The 2014 Equinox Low Fuel Warning Light

July 10, 2017 about Chevrolet Equinox

I've had my 2014 Equinox for three weeks now so we are just getting aquatinted still. Last week I drove with the low fuel warning light on for at least 20-30 miles. Yesterday, the light came on while cruising down the highway. The "miles to empty" read 44 miles, and then 5-7 miles later......dead as a doornail. That's pretty week sauce if the light only gives you a five minute warning to empty. Plan ahead if you're out in the country side.

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January 23, 2018 by Tina

Mine comes on at 44 miles also. I never chance it. I pull over at the first station I see.

February 3, 2018 by DEBBIE

I've had my 2015 for 2 months. The light comes on at 44 miles left. But I have NEVER trusted such a gauge for the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Especially when the gauge is setting ON the red empty line. Common sense should say fill it.

June 6, 2018 by Lois

Well madmiaaca nuts, how about that.

January 19 by Cris

Honestly I HATE how the light on equinox comes on SO LATE. Had many cars none were like that. Stupid design

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