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December 14, 2007 about Dodge Caravan

My company bought a fleet of the Dodge Caravans. These vans were of a special design made specifically for being delivery vehicles, or so I was told. In any case the back seats can be removed like any other van, but the main difference I can tell is that the hazard lights automatically come on whenever one of the sliding side doors are opened. Now I am unsure if the gas readout differs from any other Dodge van, but I have noticed that after the gas guage hits Empty and the gas warning light pops on I can usually travel quite a distance. Yet the biggest miracle happens after I have turned off the ignition. I do this quite often when making deliveries as the fleet is a stripped down version without any power locks, windows, or back hatch; so the key is made to be a valuable asset and also ensures the company that the van will less-likely disappear while it is out of my sight. Upon re-entry to the vehicle and starting it back up, I notice the gas guage will miraculously jump back up to one-quater of a tank. It has been rumored that my former supervisor was able to travel for over 30 minutes after this has happened. In that instance he had gotten stranded on a bridge and had to walk to get gas, but after that the fear of running out of gas was lessened.

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March 28, 2014 by Julio

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