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Computer Over-Estimates, Runs Out Before Empty!

March 9, 2011 about GMC Acadia

My family was driving from Savannah North on I16 and as people who travel this corridor know there is a huge dead spot with no exits on that stretch of road.

Before passing Metter (~105 miles to Macon, the last port before no-man's land) I checked the trip computer and it estimated 140+ until empty- more than enough to make it to Macon.

Well, the computer lied.

Right as we hit the I16 & I75 merge the car ran out of gas with the travel computer still saying it had gas. There is almost no shoulder on that merge, less then 6 feet to the guard rail with trucks barreling by at 70+ MPH.

I could literally see the sign for the BP we had planned to stop at, and the Loco's where we had planned to eat lunch- but there was no way to get there with out an immediate risk of a grizzly death.

With the high traffic I had to wait several minutes for a lull before I could even open the door.

Sitting in the August Georgia heat was nice, especially with my wife's "laser eyes" burning holes in the side of my head and the whines of my un-air-conditioned 4 y.o. from the back made for nice ambiance as 18 wheeler after 18 wheeler nearly clipped our side mirror, at 100fps.

I felt like Clark Grizwald, but in a more-dangerous-than-funny situation.

I've owned several cars that have had trip computer gas gauges, I've never had one that allowed for less than twenty miles after zero. This car doesn't even make it to ZERO!

Model info: 2009 GMC ADACIA SLT-2E AWD

NOTE TO WM: Please edit the site to allow negative gas range data input; Seriously, I've read and talked to other people who have complained about this. Maybe we should email the NHTSA.

I found this site after my wife emailed me the other Acadia story on here.

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