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December 14, 2007 about Dodge Dakota

I have an R/T 360 V8 mind you and I still average 18 mpg between 35-60 mph, granting no big traffic tie ups in New Jersey driving. I drive very easy. When I'm cruising at 65-70 on the freeway thats a different story, then I only manage about 16.5 mpg. City traffic is a different animal altogether. If im in city traffic 0-30 mph I avg. only about 13.5 mpg. All these figures are without my running a/c which is rare anyway. V8 vehicles will drink gas like it was going out of style in city driving. Almost ALL dakota r/t owners that I know avg. 11 mpg overall where I avg 18, so there is something to be said about my efficient driving despite having somewhat of a "gas guzzler". I tell you this though, I would be REALLY afraid to have a big block powered car or large heavy SUV or pickup truck, as those REALLY eat fuel uncontrollably so.

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May 7, 2008 by steve

i have a '00 R/T and typically average 15-16 mpg in the city even with my heavy right foot and everything that ive done to the truck. on the highway i can usually get about 18mpg if i drive normal. the new throttle body and computer re-flash actually helped my mpg's

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