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December 14, 2007 about Acura CL

The Dealer told me when I bought my 2001 CL that when the gas light comes on, there is about 3 gallons left PLUS whatever is in the fuel line (half gallon+).

My normal driving mileage is 26-ish MPG, so 3.5 x 26 = 91 miles remaining.

On the highway, 29+ MPG is my normal.

For highway only driving, I get 380+ miles per tank.

Since driving habits matter too, you should know that in around the metro I live, half in traffic, half interstate, I normally fill up (tiny bit less than 1/4 tank remaining) at around 320 miles per tank. This is before the FUEL light comes on. I'm from the north mid-west - in winter, you don't allow your tank to get too low. Stuck in a blizzard with a little water in the tank and low gas can be deadly.

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June 22, 2008 by Jim Ring

my 1998 accura 3.0cl. seems to be very similar to "dealer says" story. i live in connecticut and also adhere to the never get too low theory, although pricing makes this more difficult each day. i usually put gas in at just below 3/4 gone. i usually find i have about 5 gals, in tank assuming my tank is the 17gal. tank manual says i have. i also have never let the light come on even when trying to gauge mileage. i have been getting 24/25 mpg.(some city/some hwy.)

March 29, 2014 by Isaac

In all not a bad review. I'd like to add some real world data. I've been drnivig my Volt for 6 months. I live in Houston and commute 29 miles round trip to work. I opted to install a 240 volt charging system to reduce charging time and charging losses. After 6 months I am averaging 43 miles a charge. My best was 50 miles and my worst was 28 miles. I pay ~$0.098/KwHr for electricty. I'm measuring 24KwHr/100 miles at the wheels and 28KwHrs/100 hours at the wall. That works out to ~$0.027/mile. I have driven 4063 miles and used just 5 gallons of gas and am still using the gas that was in it when I purchased it. I get stopped all the time in parking lots and at stop lights by people wanting to know what I was drnivig. I have never had anyone complain about leg room in the back seat. The car is quick, quite and the finest vehicle I have ever driven.

June 6, 2018 by Dina

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