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Don'T Press Your Luck....Past 40 Miles

November 5, 2012 about Honda CR-V

My CRV gets approx. 28-30 miles per gal Hwy/ 26 city. I have had light come on, on several occassions (too lazy to fill up) and I would have to say my car went approx. 48+ miles once light came on (2 light bars= 2 gal. gas approx.)so once lights went out I stopped for gas I did not run out completely (city driving). But I approximated it to be 1 light bar= 1 gal. ....car get approx. 26gals city so milage showed approx. around that many miles (40++??).
Charity P.S. I love my CRV...gets great Gas milage for it's size! 2007 and have over 130,000 miles already and I've changed tires and a serpentine belt. (belt 2x live on 2mile dirt road)+ cruise just stopped working. I would recommend this car to anyone. THUMBS UP! :)

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March 29, 2014 by Joshua

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September 27, 2015 by Giuseppe

Wonderful photos, Ciara. Looks like a pefrect start to summer week. The one of R in the deck chair-- could have sworn is was Jay. Well done to him on finishing his exams! Lovely one of F walking to school in her bare feet. And of course the two little ones deep in conversation and "Waiting for Dada." All gorgeous.

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