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Don'T Smash, Your Gas

April 18, 2012 about Pontiac Firebird

Take your speed at a steady pace, saves gas.

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September 20, 2012 by lorenzo

I agree with this fully. i live on St. Thomas and it is very hilly here. I drive an 2003 malibu and a 1990 tercel. the malibu if not driven like a baby on the gas can increase the cost from $20-$60 in two days getting that here we pay $4.79 average a gallon that usually half to a quarter tank of gas that can be wasted. also to add some automatic cars save more gas if you can shift the gears yourself(L/1-2-3/d3-d)if aplicable. i did that in my malibu and spent only 20 dollars in a week on the pump srom sunday to saturday. for me to sum up why i get such high gas numbers the malibu is a 3.1l V6 with an automatic fourspeed the the first gear tops out at 50mphg and second at 75mph hence this is not a close ratio transmission. the tercel was converted to standard and the gas consumption split in half.