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Don'T Trust The Gage!!

June 11, 2008 about GMC Jimmy

After I dropped my husband off at work, I went to get gas, since the low fuel light was on and the gage was showing on the red line. I got to a light (about a kilometer up the road) and had to wait. I turned off the truck since I knew it was a long light and then when I went to start up again, nothing!! I had my two young children in the truck and tons of traffic around me, so I couldn't even get out to get help. I had to wait half an hour until a police car came up behind me and called a tow truck! Lesson learned! DON'T TRUST THE GAGE!!

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July 6, 2008 by just me

dont him me over the head for asking this...but just because you had your KIDS with you...you say you COULD't even get out of the truck....sorry dont I follow that.

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