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Driving On Empty

November 30, 2014 about Mazda 3

Whenever all of the little bars has disappeared from the gas gage, I hit the trip reset button. Today, I drove a total of 34 miles. This is not the distance that I've driven after the low fuel light appeared. This is the range that I've driven after the light has come on AND the gage showed a truly empty tank.

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January 21, 2015 by Welcome

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February 16, 2015 by Jenelle

We co'lvude done with that insight early on.

June 25, 2019 by Dennis

I checked this twice -- setting the trip meter to zero the moment my gas gauge indicated truly empty, with no 'bars' of fuel remaining. The first time I stopped for gas once the trip meter showed I had travelled 50 km on an 'empty' tank. The second time I stopped for gas when I had travelled 59 km.

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