Tank on EmptyTank on Empty

Driving Without Using Any Gas

August 24, 2011 about Mazda MAZDA5

Yesterday, on the way to work I noticed the gas light. Whenever this happens, I flip the "info" button until I get the readout of how many km's I've got left. It showed "0". OK, I thought, I must have missed this for a while but did not get nervous because I've drove at least 40km below zero before. When I flipped back the info button to show my current gas usage it showed that I was using no gas at all! Sure enough, seconds later I felt the car slowing down. I was able to switch lanes and pull onto the shoulder, walk 2km back up the rode (in flip-flops), bought 2 big water bottles, emptied them, got gasoline and walked back to the car and continued on my way.

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November 10, 2011 by Jon


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