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Forget The Light...Running On E!!

November 3, 2009 about Jeep Grand Cherokee

While stationed in Italy I went on a trip with my old (98) Grand Cherokee and while driving home on the autostrada (A13)my light came on and I thought I might be able to make it home anyway. Well, driving between 95-115 really sucks the gas down and in no time I was on E. Don't you know there was not a gas station to be found anywhere. I must have drove at least 10-20 miles with the gas hand pegged on E! I finally found a gas station and made it with only a little sweat lost. Thanks for not stranding me Jeep!

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February 5, 2013 by Gogela

1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Have it down pretty well... once the gas light comes on you have about 10 miles of city driving before the needle pegs on "E". After that find a gas station quick... you can make it about 6-10 miles in moderate traffic conditions. HOWEVER - starting the engine of the Jeep Grand Cherokee consumes a lot of gas! I would say starting the engine costs about 3-5 miles, so try to make it to the gas station in one go!

December 24, 2015 by Jojo

265/75/16 s (which is 31.6 dia. 10.4 width), no rubbing. I'm not to keen on the new JK wrerglans, you should give them a call. Some lifts don't void warranties as you can have jeeps customized at the dealership with lifts, bumpers, racks, etc. You should call and see what they say. Obivously if you add a 5.5 long arm lift and 37 s your warranty will be hosed but a mild 1-2 body lift or a 2-3 suspension lift should still be legit with the warranty.

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