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Gas Gauge Is Nearly Useless

June 3, 2008 about Saturn VUE
  1. On the first 1/4 tank, I can get nearly 125 miles. The next 1/4, around 100. By the time I hit that last 1/4, it's around 75 miles or so.

  2. The specs for my Vue say it is a 16 gallon tank. I have driven it 48 miles after the empty light came on, and when I refilled, it only took 14.5 gallons to fill it.

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October 25, 2011 by Jack

Mine is similar to that; I can usually go about 280-300 miles before the gauge reads 1/2 a tank. I usually fill up at around 320 miles, but it only takes around 9.5 to 10 gallons to do so with a 16.3 gallon tank...which means my 1/2 is really about 1/3 of a tank left.

June 11, 2012 by Maaz

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