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July 23, 2008 about Dodge Caravan

We just Bought Our Van A couple of Months ago. When Driving it home from the Dealer I noticed the gas gage was on Empty! Of Course! I was about 3 miles to the closet gas station when we arrived I filled it up. There was less than a half Gallon of Fuel in the Tank. SO would not have made far on that.

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March 28, 2014 by Jordan

Any warranty can be cnlecaled. You will get a refund of the portion of the warranty that you did not use. You will not get the whole thing. If it was within the last couple days, you may get the whole thing back.Go to the dealership and ask to meet with the finance manager. If he tells you you can't cancel it, tell him you wil be seeking an attorney. I work in the auto sales industry and you ARE NOT stuck with that warranty!The pro-rated would work like this: If you had a 60 month loan, and you paid $3900 for the warranty, and have not used it, but you already made 3 car payments. You would get $3705 back. (You will not physically get the money back, the money will go to the bank towards your loan). Get the General sales manager of the store involved and cause a big seen in the showroom if you get no help.They completely ripped you off and anything above the true cost of the warranty is all profit for the dealership.Hope this helps

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