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Gas Mileage On Long Trips

December 20, 2007 about Ford Crown Victoria

Not strictly about the gas light, but appropriate nonetheless. Bought my 2005 Crown Vic for road trips since I have sworn off airlines for travel 650 miles or less. Has a 4.6 liter V8, outfitted with satellite radio, MP3 player, etc. Normal gas mileage to and from work is 18 to 20 mpg. Imagine my surprise when I divided miles driven on a 10 hour trip by gas consumed and got 28.8 mpg! Good Heavens!! Same trip 3 weeks ago yielded 28 mpg. Drove to Cleveland back in the spring and got 27.5. Whoa Bessie! The trick seems to be to stay on cruise control at 70 mph. And don't stop except, for gas.

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April 13, 2013 by Don Allen

We have had the same experience with good highway gas mileage on our Crown Victoria.

August 10, 2015 by Mr. PoliceCar

In the city my gas mileage plummets to almost 11 MPG at times. On my first road trip I knew that I'd get better gas mileage but didn't expect anything crazy. I anticipated using almost 2 tanks of gas on my trip. I thought I had broken my fuel sending unit when I only used 1/2 a tank! Long road trip fuel mileage sky rockets!

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