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Gas Tips.

March 24, 2008 about Oldsmobile Cutlass

here are some gas tips for these arm&leg gas prices woes.

1: Fill up when its cooler. Gasoline can evaporate relatively easily when its hot outside. If your pumping outside when its hot, quite a bit of gas can evaporate right out of that tank while your filling. if your pumping gas in coler temp's, like in the evening, it's cooler(obviously) and less gas turns to vapor. Also liquid expands when its hotter outside, so it contracts at night. and since the pump meters really don't tell the difference, that means you'll be getting slightly more gas for your $3.10. it won't be much but every drop counts nowadays.

2: Don't pump at the fastest setting. Sure it saves time, but that can create fumes that can escape your tank, because the gas is creating more turbulence when pumped at a faster speed. put the automatic handle holding thingy one notch lower, and less gas gets turned to vapor.

3: Find the lowest prices. I live in a place where at the Maverick 85 gas is $3.05 and a mile away the chevron 85 gas is $3.35, so shop around. it is also a very get some kind of rewards card. for example i have a rewards card for a gas station at Maceys that gives you a certain amount off depending on the total amount of money you pay for groceries.

4: Slow down: Smashing the pedal to the metal is really only nessesary if your trying to avoid an accident. other than that, there is absolutely no reason to be a speed demon. Gas mileage ussually starts to drop off at about 60-65 mph, so lay off the pedal a bit. maximum efficiency is ussually achieved at around 55 mph. Here in Utah, almost everybody goes exactly 9 mph over the speed limit, because the cops don;t ussually pull you over unless your going 10+ mph over. even if this is the case where you live, you don't have to be a speed demon. the speed limit on the highway is 55, then transitions to 45, then back to 55. i always go 55 in the 55 zone, and 54 in the 45 zone.

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