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Gecko Green Gift

November 2, 2012 about Volkswagen Beetle

June 16, 2010 my husband went into the dealership for an oil change. While waiting he browsed the lot for possible trades that would fit my liking. That's when he saw it, a 2009 green bug. After he asked the dealer the name of the color, gecko green, he called immediately asking me to come check it out. I happen to love geckos. By the end of the day the trade was made and I was loving how much more room the garage had.

Fast forward to November of that same year... day before Thanksgiving. I got the call notifying me of my firstborn's murder. She was pronounced dead on June 16th, 2010 as Jane Doe.

Its been a rough couple years of grief and growth, but I know my baby girl has always been with me prompting me forward. Her gecko green gift was the perfect fit and never ever plan to trade it. Someday I'll take it for a road trip to visit the resting place of her ashes. I'll feel the prompt when it's time.

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