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October 2, 2014 about Isuzu Rodeo

Get a lot! My little 1995 Isuzu Rodeo is an awesome little car. I was told by a mechanic that it is virtually the Honda 4Runner from the engine to the body, (and I believe it after having to pay $900 for a German transmission!) But, as for gas milage, I get 23 mpg around town and upwards 28-35 mpg on the hwy. Now, the way I drive is very economical, and, I have gone for almost 60 miles after my light has gone on but I 'coast' A LOT, and turn off my car when I know the wait will be over 5min. Not the car I would get in the future, due to gas dependence ONLY, otherwise if you give a little love, you'll get a lot back:) as I always manage to make it to the station or home, even if I'm lurching all the way there.

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January 22, 2015 by Keith

Ge9nial pour le tviaarl apocmcli tous les deux ! Je n'imaginais pas que l'enclos pour Flicker serait aussi efficace Et je crois qu'on se doutait tous que tu te sous-estimais :-p Il suffit de voir les progre8s parcourus en presque 9 mois ! Un Flicker malin, joueur, farceur, toujours de bonne humeur, et plein d'e9nergie. Vivement le canicross, meame si apparemment la marche rapide avec lui lui convient parfaitement !Excellente continuation e0 vous deux, et avec l'e9te9, vivement de belles vide9os !

July 5, 2017 by Nicholas Maietta

I have a 1994 Isuzu Rodeo Sport with a V6. The engine is all original and just rolled over to 175,000 miles a couple of weeks ago and has recently passed the SMOG certification with flying colors. I decided to test how far I could go after hitting the E mark. I live in Boulder Creek, California, up in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I made nearly a total of 2 round trips from Boulder Creek to Santa Cruz and back, a total of 12 miles each direction. I nearly made it 48 miles. The moment of truth was when i was just about to arrive at the gas station in Boulder Creek, but i was already prepared with a gas gan already filled just for this test.

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