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Good Car But Too Heavy For The 3100

December 16, 2007 about Chevrolet Malibu

i own a 2002 malibu. it is a good family car gets the family around and stands up to a beating. but i think the milage she gets is rather less that good. will go about 400 miles to a tank of fuel, unloaded on the highway just me in the car going from illinois to west virgina to pick up my wife and kids. of course it gets even less miles when we are all in the car. as a chevrolet mechanic for 20 years now, i think the 3100 (the J motor not the M motor) is a bit under powered. just because it has 2 less cylinders does not mean it is going to get great gas milage. 2 less pistons working means taking more fuel to get it up to speed. and the thing is, i am no speed racer. i do the posted speed limits, every now and then i will kiss 80 mph, but then back her down. car is tuned up and yes to all my other mechanic brothers out there, i have done the intake gasket not too long ago. so it is possible that cars are getting too heavy and do not have enough power to get them there with the greatest of ease like the good old v8 days. best suggestion i have for people is, pay the mechanic to tune your car up. check your tire psi every month. and drive it the speed limits, and not like some kind of moron. and to all of you out there who are not mechanics. do not get mad at us when we tell you it is going to cost you 1000 dollars to fix your car. remember we do not drive your cars, you do. and it is your responsibility to take care of it. we are only paid to tell you what is wrong with it. besides why would you pay 40 grand for a tahoe and then not expect to pay a fortune when it does break down? this is all i have to say, good night. derrick was here

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September 27, 2015 by Ryan

Last year I bought a senocd hand 1998 Mitsubishi Lancer. The wear and tear of the car is very evident in the windshield. Wiper scratches are very visible and lots of acid rain and water marks that couldn’t be removed anymore from treatment. So I just decided to replace the windshield and the backglass (not OEM). Anyway so I’m very happy with both my new windshield and backglass and promised myself that the best way to go is to preventive maintenance. But this is proving to be difficult. Maintaining a spotless windshield is harder than I thought. when I drive in the morning with direct sunlight hitting the windshield and the proper angle, I can see some sparkles or glitterlike dots in the screen. Since its new, it could never be pitting or sandblasted. I thought maybe its just manufacturing effects like the ones at the back having the effects of glass tempering. Then I figured it must be the lint left by the cloth I use to wipe off the glass cleaner. Even the microfiber cloth I bought seems to be leaving lints. 1. How do I remove the lint that seems to be stuck in the windshield, this is both on the outside and the inside?2. Is it ok to just go back to using newspaper to wipe the glass?3. I was thinking of claying it but to clay you still have to lubricate. Ergo you still have to wipe. Which just may then again leave lint. It’s just annoying to have a brand new and clean windshield only to see these invisible objects sticking on it when enough sunlight hits the glass.

December 24, 2015 by Mohamed

We have a couch and two over stuffed oacscional chairs made of very soft supple leather. They are a medium caramel color. My wife used a cloth and I used a brush to apply the honey to one of the chairs. Now the chair is in various stages of saturation. Even though I tried to brush on a thin even coat it still left sweeping saturation marks. Saturation was more evenly distributed with the cloth but it used more product. 24 hours after application the chair has brush streaks and blobs of saturation. Have we ruined our chair?

June 6, 2018 by Kaylie

Going to put this artlice to good use now.

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