Tank on EmptyTank on Empty

Grandma'S First Day!!

June 5, 2008 about GMC Sierra

Hey there! I was 16 years old and ,like any other teenager that just got their license, was proud of my truck and driving it everywhere. I recieved a telephone call on my cell phone (who doesn't have one) from my mom telling me to pick up my grandma from my moms house. So i proceeded over there and as i was leaving realized my tank was on empty (the light never did work). I ,like many others, prayed that I would make it to a gas station, which was about five miles down the road. I really didnt want to have to walk with my grandma (it was bad enough riding with her) I mean I love her and everything but she talks way to much. Well about three quarters of a mile down the road from the gas station i not only got excited that i was almost there but the truck sputtered and then died. So i shifted into nuetral and coasted all the way around the corner and pulled up to the gas pump perfectly. But I was to busy trying to steer and hoping not to run out of momentum that i parked next to the pump with the lil' baggie over the handle (you know "out of order"). It was a good thing that there was a group of my friends there to help push the truck back to the other pump. What a trip with Grandma!!

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