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I Can Go At Least 900 Km With A Tank Highway

September 12, 2012 about Toyota Corolla

I figured I can go at least 900 km on highway with my 2002 toyota corolla standard car I have did 800 km and used 41 litres and still have 9 litres left. A good car and very fuel efficient car for a 10 year old car I think as good as todays cars.

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September 27, 2015 by Pulento

Sales I wanted to thnkas you and your staff for helping with new purchase/lease. Ron was a great salesman, along with Paul and Alora making everything that much better! My experience with your dealership has been top notch thus far. I have purchase/leased many vehicle sin my life and I must say, the experience has been quite pleasant to say the least. For someone like myself who appreciates great customer service your dealership has definitely delivered

December 22, 2016 by Jayde

raczgzi.sausate se mi intrometto.ma secondo me le mod che ci sono in giro per tutti i nostri simulatori per pc,sono poco reali. la cosa che mi lascia perplesso,e molto anche,e che quando curvano sembra quasi che la monoposto si ribalta.ma avendo visto riprese da caschi dei piloti f1,nella realtà non mi sembra proprio cosi.secondo me non girano cosi le f1.ciao a tutti.

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