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I Miss My Geo Metro

June 22, 2007 about Geo Metro

For years I had a Geo Metro 5-door with a 7-gallon gas tank. I could drive for a week on empty, about 30 miles or so.

In fact, that car got the best gas mileage, though I took a hell of a lot of ribbing for driving it.

I also was able to drive home in stop-and-go traffic with a broken fan belt and didn't even over heat as the little 3-cylinder engine was able to be cooled just by driving.

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June 29, 2008 by Mc in Cinci.

A Geo Metro doesn't have a fan belt , it has an electric fan. And the belt that runs the water pump is also the main belt for an internal part of the engine that keeps it running called a Camshaft.

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