Tank on EmptyTank on Empty

Inga The Impala

March 10, 2011 about Chevrolet Impala

Well to be honest I have actually ran out of gas not once....but twice with my car. But The gas gauge is broken so it's not totally my fault. Both times I was driving my brother to school...the first time I was driving...when all of a sudden my car started to lurch..I didn't know what to do so I prayed that I would make it into the parking lot. Which thankfully I did. But I had to run inside and ask for the janitor and the principal to help push my car into a parking slot. Then I had to call my mom and have her bring me gas. Not that bad your thinking right....well the next time comes around and I'm driving to my brother's school thinking shit I'm going to run out of gas. I am at the stoplight right at the bottom of the bridge about 50 meters from my mom's work. All of a sudden the same lurching thing happens again and I start yelling "Come on Inga (Inga is my car) you can do it!!!" no. No she couldn't do it. I ran out of gas right at the bottom of the bridge, pulled over to the side. Scariest thing ever. The whole bridge shakes when people drive on it. A cop pulled up and had to push me with his car into my mom's work parking lot. When I got to school everyone thought I was pulled over..so dumb me explained I actually ran out of gas...

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