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It Just Keeps Getting Better

December 15, 2007 about Nissan Sentra

I have a 89 Sentra with 293,000 miles. It currrently averages 30-33 mpg city, and 40-43 hwy. the milage just keeps getting better. The car was given to me 10 years ago as temporary transportation after a drunk driver totaled my Volvo. At that time it had 120,000 miles and got around 25 city and 33 hwy and I was planning on getting rid of it asap. A strange thing happened, it was a great little car, very cheap to operate, and I noticed that as I piled the miles on it, the milage just kept getting better. I didn't start tracking it until it hit 180,000, the milage has increased about 2 mpg every 50,000 miles. We drove from Portland ,OR to The Dalles, OR with the tank on empty, a distance of 62 miles. We made it and filled up. thge car has a 10 gallon tank, it took 9.89 gal to fill it up.

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September 9, 2008 by Nicholas Mackris

I also have an '89 Nissan Sentra 4 speed manual bought new Windshield sticker fuel estimates 29 city 40 highway and I've gotten that consistently over all the years I've owned it. A great reliable low maintenance car.

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