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December 14, 2007 about Toyota Matrix

Nothing special here. 2006 Toyota Matrix XR standard shift. Usually get about 30 around town, between 36-38 on the highway (if I take it easy - actually my wife can get slightly better mileage than I can...). East coast, fairly flat driving.

Normally we don't push the limits on the empty end of the gas gauge, and usually refill before the light comes on. (Usually fill up below 1/4 and before the light comes on, and that usually takes about 10.5 gal. to fill up. Tank is 13 gal. - if that's all "usable".)

However, we have gone a bit over 50 miles after the light came on before we could fill up. (Don't recall how much we put in that time.) No idea what the maximum is - and hope we never find out! - not so much for fear of the car stopping, as the fear of potential for damage from the fuel pump running dry.

Have fun - Frank

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July 6, 2008 by p.m.

I have an 08 matrix xr and its ok when the little yellow light pops up... you still got a lot of gas left... lol it happens every once in a while to me

November 16, 2016 by Tanya B

Hello all (late to this forum thread), but I just bought a (used) Toyota Matrix 2012 - and I was wondering if anyone had more info. on the driving distance (kms) that's possible once the green light for empty tank turns on ? It happened a couple of times to me - seems that you can still drive a good 20-30km - but was surprised by some of the comments above (50 miles = 80km) - any thoughts on what the actual driving distance on an empty tank warning yellow light may be ? Many thanks. Tanya I browsed quickly through the user manual that is available online on the Toyota website, but didn't find info on this specifically.

August 25, 2019 by Matt C.

I have a 2009 Toyota Matrix, I get 30 to 33 mpg. And the fuel light comes on when 3 gallons are left out of a 13 gallon tank. I would expect 90 miles ish. (When low on fuel, from past experience, if you jam on the brakes and the engine sputters or if you take a sharp turn and the engine sputters you are almost out of fuel its time to park it. If not, you are good for a bit longer.

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