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November 3, 2009 about Volkswagen Jetta

I forgot that my gas light went on one day.. and I drove 40 miles before I realized it. I have also gone 30 plus miles. I know it is not good for the engine.. but at least I know that I can go at least 30 miles before I have to stop for gas. And, Il ove my Jetta Turbo wolfsburg 2003. Its the best!!!

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January 6, 2010 by Adolf

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August 6, 2013 by Yukihisa

Hi Denise!I found your twitter post first, but this is a much bteter way of me to respond to you. Depending on what the transmission is doing, I would not just to replacement/rebuild. That year and transmission had a few issues with the valve body. That is the fluid controller inside the transmission. VW extended the warranty on many of them. You can call your local VW dealer and have them check your VIN. IF your car falls under that warranty extension, start there. If your car does not, the solution is much more complicated. Most VW dealers do very little trans rebuilds. Usually the cost to rebuild is so close to replacement, it is worth paying a little more to get a new trans with a 12month 12,000mile warranty. Tell me a little bit about what your car is doing, and lets go from there. Thanks for the question, and sorry you are having to ask it. 0 likes

March 6, 2014 by Stormy

As far as insurance premiums go, some cars are more costly to own than others. Those that are expensive to repair, subject to a higher risk of theft, or that have a higher statistical rate of bodily injury Quotes Chimp are going to cost more to insure. Also, if you are presently with a "discount" insurance company, check to make sure they cover that new car you may be thinking of purchasing. Some companies keep their prices lower by refusing to insure expensive or exotic vehicles.

February 16, 2015 by Abdou

Congratulations on your new purchase!While it is true that you have conhvepemsire coverage with your 3 year or 36k mile basic limited warranty (not bumper to bumper) and a 5 year or 60k mile powertrain warranty. Depending on your driving habits, you may need extended coverage in case of mechanical breakdown.First thing is to determine how quickly your complementary VW factory warranties will expire.Are you a more than a 12k mile per year driver? If so you will have less than 3 years of conhvepemsire coverage and even less of the basic powertrain coverage.This first question will also allow you to estimate your needs for extended coverage. How much do I need?The top of the line coverage that is backed by Volkswagen (administrated by Fidelity, an administrator for Toyota and Hyundai as well) is called the Volkswagen Drive Easy Platinum plan.Is this what your VW dealer offered you?These plans would be able to provide you conhvepemsire coverage, similar to your original factory warranty. The plans can add up to 7 years or 100k miles to your vehicle coverage from the date you purchase the plan as a new (or almost new) vehicle.Keep in mind as you accumulate time and mileage on your Volkwagen Jetta TDI, the pricing of any extended service plan, to include the factory backed Drive Easy Platinum, will go up simply based on the increased mileage and time. Also keep in mind as you wait your vehicle will not be eligible for all the available plans offered when new. For instance, if you wait until your VW Jetta 3 year / 36k mile factory warranty expires, you will no longer be eligible to purchase a factory backed extension. However, you would be able to explore aftermarket alternatives which may offer less coverage at an increased cost.Is it a good idea to get an extended warranty?This is up to you. It is not if, it is a matter of when your vehicle will breakdown. Even the most maintained vehicles breakdown eventually. This answer is completely up to you, your driving habits, and your preference to be assured that repair bills will be the Volkswagen warranty administrators problem and not yours.What is a good price on a Volkswagen Extended Warranty?To me this is all relative. You should not completely base your vehicle protection plan decision on price. You must look into the actual coverage, reputation of the warranty administrator to pay claims, and the ability for your ASE certified repair shop to fix the problems under the plan you choose. Whenever researching an Volkswagen Extended Warranty, keep these helpful tips on purchasing an auto warranty in mind:- Always ask for the actual (or sample) copy of the service agreement that you will be purchasing. This allows for you to identify items that may or may not be covered under the product.- Always call your local ASE certified repair shop and Volkswagen dealership. Ask them if they accept or have had dealt with the Volkswagen Extended Warranty (a.k.a. extended service contract) you are considering. This will give you a good read on whether the company you are considering actually pays their claims.- Have questions about what is covered and what is not? Call the claims number on the service agreement you requested earlier. This will allow you to see how quick and how knowledgeable the companies claim department is with its customers. Not just how quick their sales department is! If they have it, also ask for a complete list of components that are covered by the plan.- Always check A.M. Best rating of the administrator of the product. This should be an A or better, if at all possible.- Always check with the BBB for the rating on the seller and administrator of the product. Yes, these are often times different.- Never purchase an Volkswagen extended warranty from a company that will not provide you with contact information (eg. address, phone number, etc).

September 27, 2015 by Mao

When it comes to overall fuel efiicfency, the upcoming 2013 Jetta Hybrid from VW Motors might clearly fail against its key competitor Prius MPG ratings, but it certainly equals or surpasses the new Prius in other aspects including luxury, overall performance, safety standards etc.

December 24, 2015 by Linda

That insight solves the prmoleb. Thanks!

December 24, 2015 by Bade

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December 22, 2016 by Spud

That's really thninkig out of the box. Thanks!