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Keith Urban

March 16, 2013 about Honda Accord

I had to drive my girlfriend to the city so she could watch Keith Urban in concert. Before going, my car was almost on E, so I decided to put $20 in the tank. I figured that would be plenty, but the hour drive up and having to drive in the city took its toll. On the way home, about 80kms from the nearest gas station that was open, my gas light came on. I had no idea how long I could get with my light on, but I was really worried. It was past 1 a.m. and everybody I could call would have been asleep. So I drove really cautious and tried to draft as much as possible, which wasn't often since it was past 1 in the morning. Eventually I made it to my exit and pulled into the 24 hour Irving, probably just in the nick of time. That night gave me confidence though, and now when my gas light comes on, I don't even worry about it.

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September 24, 2014 by Mike

So how far did you actually drive? Did you measure it? I am guessing that you can go about 50 miles. That is about 80 Kilometers. Sound about right? Especially driving the way you were! Good note/discussion. Thanks

February 15, 2015 by Jessica

Yes, the US govt subsidise the oil coneamips to a significant extent, although some of your states then tax fuel to add some complexity. This is very unusual, in virtually every other country the oil coneamips pay tax into the system instead of being paid by it. The particularly odd thing is that in Europe we have a substantial problem with US taxpayer subsidised bio ethanol being dumped on our market. We don't want this bio ethanol as it is a major contributor to world food shortages and deforestation. I am quite convinced that I would not want my tax money spent to subsidise US fuel so I assume most Americans don't know about this one

December 24, 2015 by Cristian

Hi Bristol Labour Party member, how are you? Of corsue you might claim that you are not a member of Bristol Labour, but why has anybody any reason to take your word for it? Ali Robertson published under his own name, and didn't disguise the fact that he works for the Tobacco Factory. If you are going to call him a liar, then have the guts to use your full name and state whether you are a member of any political party when doing so. Can you tell me where I can find the full accounts of the Bristol Labour Party, all of them, line by line, item by item? Including a list of all donations by any organisation, local developer, members of any society (e.g Merchant Venturers), and so on? David SamsonMember of no political party nor any of the mayoral campaigns

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