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Lousy Gas Guage

January 26, 2008 about Toyota Tundra

My low fuel light will illuminate...and the mileage range readout indicates "zero" miles....at that point I go the fill up the 26.5 gallon tank...and can only get 20 gallons in it! So I drove past the "zero"...I kept 5 gallons in the truck in case I ran out...but I was able to go an additional 80 miles before I finally stopped to fill up. I was able to put 24.3 gallons in the tank! It still had 2 gallons in it!

Toyota say this is an acceptable level of deviation. I say it is a miserable piece of technology...and Toyota can do better...but they won't. My fule guage is worthless....it is so inaccurate.

Mike Germantown, TN

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March 7, 2008 by John

Amen Brother... I have a 2007 Double Cab.... same deal. I can understand the fuel light coming on... but come on, at least let the miles to empty reading be more accurate