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Making Turns When The Tank Is Low

January 2, 2008 about Toyota Sienna

On straight, level road my 1998 Sienna will go 50 miles or more after hitting "E". However, I have never seen another car so sensitive to the gas sloshing around in the tank on turns. Within a few miles after hitting "E" it becomes undriveable on city streets because it sputters and stalls every time I turn a corner.

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May 7, 2008 by Adam

Im not sure, but i think it's because of the Sienna's tank design. Im sure a toyota mechanic can correct me, but the sienna is one of the models that doesnt have a baffled sump for the pump, it just has the pump sitting in the bottom of the tank If a car has a sump, the "reserve" fuel is in a small, lower section of the tank that holds the reserve, and the pump. In that case, the reserve fuel sits in the bottom of the sump, immersing the pump. So even if you go around a corner, the fuel stays put In the other case, the pump is just lying at the bottom of a flat (or slightly angled) tank. So if you slosh around alot, there may not be any gas near the pump. Your Sienna would be in this category. Again, im sure a toyota techie can verify this.

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