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My 07 Equinox

June 6, 2008 about Chevrolet Equinox

Since these gas prices have been going up and up and up!!!, I have reduced my speed alot, usually 55-60mph on the highway and speed limit on city streets. Since then, i have noticed 2-3mpg extra miles to the gallon. So my advice is to SLOW DOWN to save a few extra bucks at the pump.

Gene H.

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June 14, 2008 by It's not the Indy 500

You'd be surprised at how much of a difference it makes by doing small things. If there's no traffic behind me (which rarely happens here), and I see a red light ahead and I'm a fair ways back, I ease my foot off the accelerator. Sometimes it's just enough that I don't have to come to a complete stop or have to brake, so I save on gas since I don't have to break and then re-accelerate. This won't always be possible, of course, with the number of yahoos out there who want to do 70 kmh (in the city) ALL THE WAY TO THE FREAKIN' LIGHT and get mad because you're actually thinking and they're not.

November 11, 2012 by Jim B.

I bought my 07 Equinox new. I have gone the speed limit, I have gone over it and under it. In work zones speed limit is 45 mph around here. I have gotten from 24 mpg speeding to as much as 31.2 mpg going 55 mph and 45 mph in work zones. My comute is 120 miles each monday and friday. I don't let my gas gauge drop below 1/4 too often but just in case , I wanted to know how far I could go. Thanks for the input.

June 6, 2018 by Lexine

Shoot, who would have thouhgt that it was that easy?

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