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My 2013 Ford Taurus Sho V6 Twin Turbo Pp

January 28, 2017 about Ford Taurus

so one day my gas light came on so I decided that I was going to see how far I can make it, so when the gas bar turned red and my car said it had zero miles left to go, so i figured why not keep going because my gas bar indicator was still showing a lil red so i kept going, so after about 25 miles from the gas light turning on and other 15 mile when the gas bar was red I found my worried that I was going to run out but as soon as set course to the nearest gas station i found my car slowly chocking..DML.. and so It happens to be on the highway... >:( so I ended up on the side of the high way till my help showed up.. did I mention I was on my lunch wile my car died...

so i went about 40 miles before my car went bye bye . lol

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June 6, 2018 by Gerrie

No more s***. All posts of this quatliy from now on

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