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My First Mercedes-190-E Is Pricelss

December 19, 2007 about Mercedes-Benz E Class

After owning a series of north american cars, (some nearly bankrupting me), I decided to go the import route. Two nearly new Volkswagen Jettas that I picked up for under $13,000 each served me very well for about 12 years, never giving me any headaches except for routine repairs.This experience gave me the confidence to buy a pre-owned 190-E mercedes. Four years later, this has proved to be a very wise decision. I have invested about $2,800 into the car keeping it in prime shape, but then again I picked up this little gem for $8,500 I'm getting about 525 kilometers/315 miles per tank, and that is before the empty light goes on. Add another 75 kilometers after that happens. Although I am now thinking about updating to a newer mercedes, this 15 year year old car is still taking me from "point A to point B" in style.

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