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July 5, 2008 about Honda Fit

I have a manual transmission 2007 Honda Fit and it was supposed to get 30-35 mpg. I routinely get 25 mpg, which is surprising because my automatic 2005 Scion xB got 30 mpg consistently.

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July 7, 2008 by Higher than rated

I get 35mpg commuting and 39-40mpg on the highway when I keep it @ 70mph or below. I've got an '07 Fit 5sp.

October 27, 2008 by SomeGuy

Depends on a number of conditions, not the least of which is how you drive. If I'm careful then I can get 34-35 out of my 2008 Honda Fit manual. I get much worse gas mileage in the Indiana winter than in the summer. Driving like a maniac will get you lower gas mileage too. Tire pressure does seem to make a big difference as I've just recently found. Use cruise control when you can, take your car out of gear in advance of a red light, and don't mash the gas from a dead stop like you're in a drag race and you should be able to get mid 30's. In other words, driving is not a race from stop light to stop light. I get amused at the cars I pass that are at a complete stop at a stop light after they floored it at the previous stop light. The other comment is correct too, keep it at 70 or below on the highway. Drive like you have kids in the car or your mom in the passenger seat and you should do much better than 25mpg. You don't need to drive like an old man to do this. I always fill up immediately after the gas light comes on ... so, I usually put in about 9 gallons of gas and get roughly 310 miles out of a tank ... which is 34.444 mpg in very mixed driving.

November 3, 2009 by Honda Fit

I have an '09 Fit manual transmission and consistently get 41 mpg

January 3, 2011 by Roman

We get the same problem with the 2010 Fit. 24 mpg with the auto tranny and mild driving (me or my wife). My old 94 Subaru Legacy had a better gas mileage around 28-29 in the city considering that it was a bigger, havier, all-wheel-drive car with bigger and more powerfull engine and a maniac driver who never shifted below 4500rpms (me 5 years ago :-)) Is our new Fit just a lemon??

February 9, 2011 by 2009 Fit

We had the same problem. I used to drive a Mazda 3 (LOVED IT), but after 250,000 miles, it gave up the ghost and we got a Fit Sport. Even after 200,000 miles my Mazda would get consistently 30+ mpg highway and close to 30 in town. The Fit, on a good day (perfect weather, no wind, just changed the oil, just the right tire pressure, etc) MAY get 30 mpg. Normally it gets closer to 25 on highway. The Fit was our first Honda, before the Mazda 3, I had a Protege (also a great car). When this car bites the dust, I am going back to Mazda.

March 8, 2011 by 2008 Fit Sport

I've never gotten below 30 on my manual. I usually average about 35. I get better during the summer and average 37, 32 during the winter. I commute almost 30 miles and my speed is b/w 70 & 80mph. My '91 Accord only averaged 25 in it's last year of life. Either you consistently drive like a bat out of hell or there's something wrong with your car. If you're gunning it from the get go and pushing it before shifting, you're pretty much guaranteed sh!tty gas mileage.

May 29, 2013 by 2 Fits

Bought a 2009 automatic regular model new. Don't have records with me to give exact numbers, but over numerous fillups, averaged 41-43 miles a gallon, in mixed country road/ midsize city driving; not much Interstates. Almost never drop below 40 mpg on a tankful. Maximum 59 MPH, anticipate traffic lights and other drivers' actions. Think "Every application of the brake is a failure to anticipate." - obviously an exageration but you get the idea. Son bought 2008 automatic Sport model used after wreck rebuild. Similar driving habits but focuses more on the tachometer in accelerating than I do. His mileage is slightly worse than the 2009. I would be very disappointed in a car if I did not get significantly greater mpg than the government figures.

August 20, 2014 by Lisa

Do you use the correct kind of oil? My mileage suddenly tanked a year after I bought my Fit - which, it turned out, was because my local service station put the cheap kind of oil in my car! After I switched back to the more expensive kind of oil that is officially recommended for the Fit, my mileage went back up to normal within a month or two. Might be worth looking into...

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